5 steps to dealing with loneliness as a leader

Loneliness is one of the most demoralizing states that at some point in our life we will have to come face to face with. Loneliness comes upon us like a giant there to steal our soul, robbing from us our happiness and contentment. This giant comes at the moments in our life when we are

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Resilience: The Key to Bouncing Back

After several weeks of ?stay at home? orders and now that some of the states are starting to open up, the focus we are seeing from business owners has adjusted from ?how do I survive?? to ?how do I get ready to open?? The key is resilience. Webster defines resilience as ?the capacity to recover

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How to Lead in Survival Mode:

Gallup Poll recently sent out a post that sited the top four things that individuals are looking for at this moment. The global study of What Followers Want found that what 7 billion citizens? demand of those that are leading, is the need to lead, ?with (1) compassion, (2) stability, (3) trust, and (4) hope

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Mastering the Negative

Why is it that we often look at life and are surprised by the fact that there are negative things that happen to everyone? It is almost like they jump out from behind the corner and we are startled by the fact that there is uncertainty within our world. Yet we can see that throughout

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Understanding and Managing Risk Tolerance

I recently had a great discussion with a few business owners on the ability to take on risk. Each of the companies mentioned that they have been considering different opportunities that were available and each was looking through their own lens of ?Risk Tolerance?. Risk, as defined by Webster Dictionary, is ?a situation involving exposure

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