Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone

This may come as a shock to you but then again it really shouldn?t. We are either taught how to live in COURAGE or how to live in FEAR! I talk with several small business owners weekly, and then part of a group of several hundred small business owners. The main difference that I am

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Partnership: 4 steps to see if they good for your business?

Throughout my career in business and as an entrepreneur I have had the experience of some really great partnerships and then some really bad partnerships. Everyone loves to talk about the bad partnerships, the horror stories of how they have lost thousands, or even possibly tens of thousands of dollars. Some have even stated that

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4 Steps in setting up your partnership agreement.

Partnerships have the power to move your business along in positive steps or they have the challenges that can disrupt our lives, destroying friendships, and causing many years of pain. Taking some time to set up the partnership correctly will help avoid many of the challenges. Here are 4 things to consider when setting up

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