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Building Relationship in the midst of Chaos to move forward…

The speed of trust is measured by the ability to influence people and accomplish goals!

Developing Trust with Changing Leadership

After the last several years of COVID the Department of Health has had to work hard on building or even rebuilding relationships. Many of these works have been with the Department for years and collectively sought to serve the public.  But during the last years of chaos, all the relationships have been strained and tested beyond measure. How do you rebuild trust through all of the change? How do you work together with partners, elected officials, communities, and business owners to find solutions to our chaos?

Strategic Solution

When we are looking to establish trusting relationships it is important to start with understanding each other. Each of the almost 200 employees and partners took the time to go through a personality test before our workshop. Then we took those personalities and discussed how to communicate, interact, and build relationships with each of the personalities. 

Building trust is something that is experienced through activities and discussion. In order to have a clear understanding on what and how to build trust, we put together some LEGO building activities to show the differences that we see while doing the activity, understand how we need those differences to make something great, and learn from the shared experience to communicate, engage, and trust others. 

Collectively, Mark Copeland and Tim Croll have over 50 years of hands-on experience developing employees, building relationships, and mastering workshop experiences for effective teaching. Mark Copeland brings over 20 years of retail experience by developing a healthy environment in Jay’s Sporting Goods. “Jay’s sells fun.” The culture is one that needs to show employees growing and developing their relationships as they experience the great outdoors. Tim Croll brings over 20 years of business development and organizational leadership. His unique teaching style connects the strategies and theories with practical application. This is done through interactive LEGO building challenges that allow everyone a chance to show some of their creative side and find ideas that only come from fun active play.


This one workshop brought together seven different counties of individuals working to rebuild relationships that had been strained over the last several years. We were also able to bring in some of the elected officials to establish more effective communication styles with the different personalities. 

Each of those in attendance were able to leave with a LEGO memory that will set in their office to remind them of the lessons that we learn. Since the time of the event, we have heard from several of the commissioners that the impact of understanding personalities and how they communicate will improve our communities. What we accomplish will not be just something that is seen on paper or in documents. It will be seen in the lives that are impacted through service in our local communities. 

How You Develop Trust in Your Business Community

If you are thinking you would like to be the leader of positive change in your business community, and you would like to provide your staff or partners with an effective way to build healthy relationship with other members in a safe environment that will allow them to grow, schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation 20-Minute discussion directly with our team through the link below.

During your time together, you and our team will discuss the needs you have within your community and the ways to use education to solve those needs. Tim and Mark will also take the time to answer all of your questions so you can see if this makes sense for you. This discussion gives us the ability to shape the presentation, to best fit your specific needs.

It will probably be the most informative 20 minutes you spend on planning your next chamber workshop.
Schedule your call now and start impacting lives in a positive way.

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