Strategic Event & Coaching for Leadership and Team Development

People are vital to the success of your business. 

Do you have a healthy culture within your organization?
Through LEGO building and the ‘serious play’ method we can
quick take the temperature of your culture. A LEGO workshop has the ability to
break down communication barriers, remove subconscious culture behaviors, and
form a committed group of individuals. If you want a healthy culture and collaborative, committed team, LEGO workshops are the starting place. 

Organizational Consulting

Most businesses start out as an idea or a dream that was birth within the creator’s mind.

As the idea becomes a reality, there is a need for systems, accountability, process, and structure. This is all part of developing your organization. We will ask the right questions to set up the organization charts and then define roles, responsibility, and whom those within your organization will be accountable to.

Get the free 4 step growth plan

Analyze. Plan. Implement. Adapt.

Leadership consists of 5 Building Blocks. It begins with know where your current leadership strength lies and how you use those strengths to influence those around you.

Once you have gained an understanding of your leadership style you can then begin to manage your things (not people).  The 3rd building block is leading followers and finding the positive influence to create commitment. As you move into the later blocks, it becomes more of growing leaders around you and helping them become stronger in their leadership skills. It will take some guidance to walk through your leadership journey.

Creating custom and engaging keynote speaking topics for your event. 

There are many speakers that have incredible speaking points prepared and developed. But there are not many speakers that take time to develop the topic to meet the needs and overcome the challenges that your audience is facing. These take away points will allow your audience find actions to implement to make their lives and business better. 

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