Four Steps to Remove the Confusions from Decision-Making


If you are not the type of person who wants to struggle endlessly about what decision is right, but rather takes action and figures out how to solve problems later, this article might be for you!

Some people just want a good old fashion adrenaline rush, while others prefer or need more time before making decisions. Whichever side of this spectrum you fall on, it?s important to know your tendencies when it comes to solving difficult issues or making important decisions in order to make sure you have a process to feel confident in your choices.

As I coach business owners and entrepreneurs, I have found that not everyone has the personality to just jump in and figure it out on the way down. And for those that do often jump before they know everything, they don?t do this in every area of their life. I truly believe that there are some areas in our lives that will always be difficult to make decisions. 

Four steps to creating a process through which you can establish confidence in your decisions.

Your Education: What have you learned?

Start out with what you already know. In every choice, there will be the known information and unknown information. This needs to be written down. The simple exercise of splitting a piece of paper in half and placing the known information on one side and the unknown on the other will begin the process of clarifying your direction. Otherwise, we will get lost in the conversation that happens internally, and most often the more we talk to ourselves the more confused we become.

Your internal compass: What is your purpose?

When a potential client asks for help, one of the key questions I ask is in regards to how they are embracing their calling and fulfilling their purpose. It is important to find this to create direction in your life. When you have embraced your calling and are following your purpose, it will act as your ?North Star? providing direction for your next step. Clarity is key in simplifying your decision-making process.

If you are struggling with finding your calling or even knowing what your purpose is, please refer to my other articles or reach out to set up a coaching session.

Your external guidance: Where is your community?

Humans have been built to live in communities. We were not created to live this life alone. Whenever there is a decision to be made, it is important to look for those within your community, whom you trust to find a different perspective. Mentors are important at this point. Mentors lead from their experiences and can share a lifetime of outcomes that could happen because of a decision. They can also see things that may have been in your blind spot, other points that you didn?t consider. Proverbs says, ?Wise speech is rarer and more valuable than gold and rubies.? Find those mentors and trusted friends to share their wisdom when making decisions.

Your circumstances: What is available?

Jim Rohn has the best illustration of how to adapt and use your environment or circumstance for your benefit. The wind blows on all, the season change for all but it those that know how to set their sails to best harness the wind that finds decisions easier. You are the captain of your ship and you must learn how to adjust your sails to take advantage of your circumstances.

When making a decision we have to look at what is available: the relationships, opportunities, assets, liabilities, and even our own capacities of finances, time, and energy. All of these circumstances indicate which way your sails need to be set. It would be foolish to decide to move in a direction that has no positive outcome, yet so often our emotional attachment to an idea or way is so strong we decided to move in a direction that is fool-hardy. By balancing out these four steps, you will find that making decisions will become easier with practice. The final thought on your decision process, don?t live in the past. As you make the decision, make it with all the best information and advice you can. Embrace it fully, putting all your energy into making things work toward the best outcome. Stay strong in your purpose.

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