Gaylord Chamber of Commerce Case Study


Perfect Educational Workshop Practically Sells Out…

Everyone walked away with something they could use for their business!

Event Planning Challenge

The Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce strives to offer programs for its members that provide professionally engaging concepts with a special emphasis on gaining knowledge in areas that can be attractive to a community of members. Each of these members represents a different segment of business industry and stretch across different phases of growth. Finding the content that will teach and be used by all levels of business owners and employees can be a daunting task.

Strategic Solution

Collectively, Mark Copeland and Tim Croll have over 50 years of hands-on experience developing a healthy culture that will motivate employees. This workshop will focus on empowering members with concepts relating to creating a positive workplace culture is a topic the Chamber feels could benefit small, large, established, and start-up businesses.

This engaging seminar not only speaks about the importance of why and how having a healthy business culture changes lives, it also allows each attendee to discuss with each other how they were going to apply it to their business. 

Mark Copeland brings over 20 years of retail experience by developing a healthy environment in Jay’s Sporting Goods. “Jay’s sells fun.” The culture is one that needs to show employees growing and developing their relationships as they experience the great outdoors. Tim Croll brings over 20 years of business development and organizational leadership. His unique teaching style connects the strategies and theories with practical application. This is done through interactive LEGO building challenges that allow everyone a chance to show some of their creative side and find ideas that only come from fun active play.


This one workshop sparked more conversations throughout our local business community than anticipated. Since the workshop, small businesses have taken steps to establish their core values, create a healthy culture, find ways to mend broken relationships, and continue to grow on both a personal and business level. 

The impact of one small local Chamber has echoed throughout Northern Michigan reaching into eight different counties and three major cities. The exciting part is, the ripples of this growth will continue to reach into the educational system, government, and small business community for years to come.

How You Inspire Growth in Your Business Community

If you are thinking you would like to be the leader of positive change in your business community, and you would like to provide your staff or partners with an effective way to build healthy relationship with other members in a safe environment that will allow them to grow, schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation 20-Minute discussion directly with our team through the link below.

During your time together, you and our team will discuss the needs you have within your community and the ways to use education to solve those needs. Tim and Mark will also take the time to answer all of your questions so you can see if this makes sense for you. This discussion gives us the ability to shape the presentation, to best fit your specific needs.

It will probably be the most informative 20 minutes you spend on planning your next chamber workshop.
Schedule your call now and start impacting lives in a positive way.

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