Awakon Credit Union Case Study


Coming together for a united organization…

Serving your members starts by know what your organization stands for!

Consistent Culture across multiple locations

The biggest challenge when dealing with over 700 square miles, 7 different branches, almost 100 staff members is teaching and communicating the core values and mission of the organization. Getting each of the staff to have the same culture in each of the branches and then serving their members with the same experience from branch to branch is not an easy thing for the management staff. Awakon Credit Union has some awesome employees, great managers, and lots of standard procedures that come along with the banking industry but it is still difficult to keep values, purpose, and mission consistent throughout the organization. It is these core foundations that have the most influence in building the culture throughout Awakon. 

Strategic Solution

The most important item is to have the management all on the same page. Thinking and understanding the points that are important for the organization. The united understanding give the organization a strong leadership to direct the culture and future of Awakon. We accomplished this through a pre meeting to set the agenda and clearly define the family values.

The employee enrichment day was planned and set, the agenda was clear, family values were defined, but the delivery of the message was going to be critical. This full day event was split into two sections. First part of the day involved a presentation of the family values. Our focus was on how to take the Family Values and then apply that to the daily activities. Second part of the day we focused on personal development. Understanding three core building blocks in personal development. We wanted to give the staff something that would allow them to grow both in their personal lives as well as how they perform as a member of the Awakon team. The stronger the personal life, the more effect the staff members will be in their service to their customers.

Collectively, Mark Copeland and Tim Croll have over 50 years of hands on experience developing employees, building relationships, and mastering workshop experiences for effective teaching. Mark Copeland brings over 20 years of retail experience by developing a healthy environment in Jay’s Sporting Goods. “Jay’s sells fun.” The culture is one that needs to show employees growing and developing their relationships as they experience the great outdoors. Tim Croll brings over 20 years of business development and organizational leadership. His unique teaching style connects the strategies and theories with practical application. This is done through interactive LEGO building challenge that allowed everyone a chance to show some of their creative side and find ideas that only come from fun active play.


We were able to unite the organization under one purpose, “together we grow”. It is not just the ability to share the family values but the ability to see how these values get “fleshed out” in your daily activities. The staff from Awakon were able to discuss how the values impact each relationship. Starting with those that the work with, followed by the members of the credit union, and finally with a positive impact with the community.

 The final question of the day was, “What is the one thing that you will act upon from our time together today?” Everyone had one point that they were going to focus on for the rest of the year and then find another team member to share their success as they grow in their personal and business lives. Enriching the community through their personal growth and service. 

How You Inspire Growth in Your Business Community

If you are thinking you would like to be the leader of positive change in your business community, and you would like to provide your staff or partners with an effective way to build healthy relationship with other members in a safe environment that will allow them to grow, schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation 20-Minute discussion directly with our team through the link below.

During your time together, you and our team will discuss the needs you have within your community and the ways to use education to solve those needs. Tim and Mark will also take the time to answer all of your questions so you can see if this makes sense for you. This discussion gives us the ability to shape the presentation, to best fit your specific needs.

It will probably be the most informative 20 minutes you spend on planning your next chamber workshop.
Schedule your call now and start impacting lives in a positive way.

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