Tim Croll

About Tim

When businesses learn how to manage the tension between people and rules, they can find the path forward to increase revenue but more importantly, leaving an impact on their communities. 

One of the first steps within the business growth is to identify the blind spots, the sticking points that slow your growth. There are only three things that are potential sticking points. (1) Your capacity (2) Your relationships (3) Your processes.

Building and growing a company starts by identifying what needs to exist within the confusion of a business. Then applying business principles to create the strategy to facilitate that growth. I’m an experienced coach, certified in leadership development, and understand how to simplify business growth strategies so we can see the progress. 

I continue to work with businesses in online retail and within the service industry to help owners create strategies for a stable growth pattern. Teaching and training on a weekly schedule.

my adventure:

I have always loved the outdoor life, the adventures it holds each day. We live in beautiful northern Michigan, it is the place everyone wants to go to visit even if the winters are long and cold. 

It was at the end of one of these long winters that we were anxious to set out on another adventure. It was a bright sunshiny day and we were about to set out on the Sturgeon River to kayak down one more time. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, I found myself fighting for my life and keep from drowning while pinned up against a deadfall. 

It was afterward reflecting on these events that I confirmed the commitment of living each moment to its fullest. To enjoy the sun and embrace the rain. I have made living my life one without fear, one of my purpose. A mission to share these adventures with others leaves an impact on those looking to live a life of action in spite of the struggles. 

My Commitment

A commitment is the daily actions we take, our habits and routines that create the life we seek to live. A life of fulfillment, a life of a legacy, and a life that will leave a legacy. Here are the commitments that govern my life, my family, and my business. When practiced, these become the growth strategies needed to move us forward. 


The line that separates the path to success and the path to a nervous breakdown is razor-thin. If we are true to our identity and pursue our purpose, then we can be real with our lives, our family, and our business.


The ability to find the next right step in all we do. Within our actions and our words, it is this conscious effort to take that step.


The ability to act in spite of fear, anxiety, or frustration. This is the ability to motivate when all it appears the darkest.


Times changes, environment changes, and circumstance change. The one thing that is consistent is change. Our lives, family, and business require us to change the plan, the actions, and strategies to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with certain change.

The next adventure:

Each business has a choice to embrace the adventure that is our business. If a business is to grow there is a plan and strategy to approach each adventure. 

A guide can show you the way. Coaching you and your business out of the comfort zone towards your growth strategies.  A coach is able to show the challenges that are coming and how to navigate them. A coach will help a business plan for the future and then set the accountability in place to accomplish this plan. A coach will then help navigate the changes that are inevitably going to come along through our adventure. 

When you are ready to set out on your adventure, you don’t have to go alone. Allow the coach to help you navigate on your path to growth.

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