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of businesses fail by their 5th year

those that succeed have a strategy

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What worked in the past was great but people and times have changed.

The reason why businesses struggle to grow in our digital age is that they don’t understand the team growth, marketing, or leadership. What worked in the past was great but people and times have changed. Customers are looking for relationships with companies, not just sold a product. Employees are looking for a tribe they can belong to, not just a place to work.

A business voice needs to inspire their community and connect on an emotional level. Businesses like to focus on sales or marketing and skip the foundation aspects of growing a business.

Foundation growth strategies will create a long term and a profitable endeavor. It isn’t about the hustle, it is about creating a future that can be passed along the next leadership management team. All of this can be overwhelming if you attempt to accomplish everything at once. A step-by-step plan will create a clear path forward into your future growth. The plan can only be created when a company is clear on its objective. The connection between the objection and the plan is your strategy. A growth strategy will give you the confidence that your business can achieve what you dreamed possible.

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Tim Croll

Business Growth Strategist

Before stepping into sharing business growth strategies, I worked and practiced all of these principles.

I started by building a brand for LeafDefier, spreading it to this product from general contractors to being the number one product picked up by several box stores including; Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, and several other Canadian stores. It was at this time I found Growth strategies to be the key to building a business that could leave an impact nationally. I accepted the next challenge to take a production line of shirts and expand this to an international brand. Using a specific growth strategy, we were able to build a team that grew our revenue from $10000 a month to $7 million a month. It was one of the most exciting times and a fine example of how the digital age can amplify the growth of a company.

I know strategies. It is through reading and understanding the market, the team players, and put the right pieces in place to get the results.

Proven growth strategies, when implement will provide a clear path forward and allow for clear decision-making. No second-guessing, just the peace of mind that you have set your sail to weather whatever storm is on the horizon.

Tim Croll
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