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I’m thrilled to be a part of your event. Below are a few things that you might find useful as the event draws closer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any issues. I want to hear from you an make the event life easy for you! Drop me an email anytime at tim@timcroll.com, or feel free to call or text my direct line at 585.410.2330


Long Bio:

Tim Croll is a speaker, coach, and Serious Play teacher. He was a contestant on LEGO Masters, (one of the highest watched reality TV shows) with is son Zach. He has built multi-million dollar e-com businesses and established new products in industries building them into million dollar profit centers.

The next step in my journey was to coach and train business owners in systems along with personal development skills to grow both the business and the personal strength to support the growing business. Several clients have been able to increase business by 10x while supporting their personal lives.

He created the Building Block system, a template that leaders are using to increase their influence and build stronger teams. Serious Play Methodology is the interactive way of teaching systems, principles, and strategies in a way for practical actions. All of this gives Tim a unique ability to communicate complex business strategy into a step-by-step action plan. His goal is to make business personal and sharing on a deep level that creates lasting change and positive fulfillment.

He has been certified as a coach in AGS Conquer, KidLead, and holds a master’s degree in leadership development. He teaches and coaches weekly for several groups and writes for large publications. 


Short Bio:

Tim Croll is the Director of Serious Play and a business growth strategist, with extensive experience in e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and organizational development. His experience spans from owning a service-based company to building a multi-million dollar e-com business.

He created the Building Block Leadership System, a template that leaders are using to increase their influence and build stronger teams. They use this to build their business and strengthen their family and community.

What really sets him apart is his ability to communicate a complex business strategy into a step-by-step action plan through Serious Play Methodology. It is the connection and sharing on a personal level that creates relevance to his message for leadership and strategy.

He has been certified as a coach in AGS Conquer, KidLead, and holds a master’s degree in leadership development. He teaches and coaches weekly for several groups and writes for large publications. 


Alternate Bio:

In a world of boring leadership and strategy sessions… One man stands alone, connecting the complex strategies into easy to understand practical application. (betcha read that in movie voice)

Knowledge is great. I have been certified by multiple coaching programs and hold a Masters in Leadership, but it is the experience that allows us to apply the knowledge into wisdom. I was a contestant on LEGO Masters Season 2 (one of the highest watched reality TV shows) and this gave me the opportunity to share many of my life experiences tying together the knowledge of leadership with the wisdom of action. I have had the opportunity to own my own businesses, work in the corporate world and build e-commerce companies into multi-million dollar monthly sales.


However, I am most passionate about inspiring individuals to grow both in their personal and professional lives. To find their purpose and pursue it with all their energy. This impact on others is what motivates and drives my decisions and actions.



Tim has owned his own businesses and led several businesses to multi-million dollar incomes. He has been certified as a coach for several different programs for small business, middle school, and corporate training. He was the father partner from the Father/Son duo as a contestant on the highly rated LEGO Masters from FOX network. He now travels to LEGO events running building challenges for kids and managing a LEGO business with his son Zach.


While Tim has always been a teacher it was the relationship with his family and kids that inspired the Serious Play Methodology. This interactive training style is used with small business owners and C-suite executives to impact business and personal lives, to inspire people to leave an impact and write their own narratives. This hands on learning experience has changed toxic to healthy culture, turned compliant employees to committed employees, and changed followers into leaders.


Tim Croll Headshots:

Topic Summary:

The Power of Crafting your Narrative

How is success defined? The Narrative is yours to create and the only way to find fulfillment is through crafting your narrative. 


Everyday we are told a narrative of how to live our lives. How we are to act, the things we are to say, even what to feel. But too often it is someone else that is attempting to get us to conform to their narrative for our lives. This journey we walk through our life is something that is special. We have the ability to craft and write the narrative we will live. We will only have a legacy to leave when we begin to write our own story. 

Key Takeaways:
  1. The power of reflections
  2. Understanding the difference between false/true narratives
  3. How to build a life of legacy

Employee’s Mindset

Leading your employees from compliant to committed.


Motivating employees can be one of the most challenging tasks for a manager or business owner. We often don’t understand why they just cannot think and act like us. We expect everyone within our employ to think and act just like we do. If you are able to unlock their potential and start them on the journey of becoming an empowered employee, you will never be at a loss for talented employees.

Key Takeaways
  1. Learn the many differences between personality, talent, and skills.
  2. Understand the power of automated training.
  3. Walk away with some great tips on how to motivate your employees.

Power of Leadership Influence

Creating an atmosphere of influence for positive change with your life and business.


The greatest debate is whether a leader is born with their talent or if a person can develop the skills to become effective in leadership. Leaders are those that have someone following them. By identifying and understanding how to influence those following us, people can become great leaders by developing their unique skill set.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Understanding the difference between a great leader and a good leader.
  2. Learning the 5 powers of influence.
  3. Learn how to apply the skills for the growing your leadership ability.

Emotional Selling

Getting customers to want to do business with you.


Emotional selling is the most over looked advantage you have to increase your closing percentage. While many businesses attempt to sell on features and benefits, Tim explains the path to attach strong emotional value to your product or service.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Learn the first step in building a relationship with your customer.
  2. Helping your customer understand how their problem can be solved.
  3. Learning how to sell in a way that sets you apart from your competition.
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