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My Passion

Direct Sales – My first experience was direct in home sales. The amount of training that was offered was a unique source of learning how the buyers mind works and how to present your offer in a way that solves their problems. Every buyer is going to ask a series of questions. “1. Do I like you? 2. Can I trust what you are saying? 3. Does your solution solve my problem?” The goal of setting up your product or service was to make sure that the emotion problem was there with your product being the only solution to solve the problem the customer sees in their own mind. The key in working through this is the make sure that you are not manipulating but rather influencing the customer into the buying decision. You must be working from a moral standard rather than a position of “whatever it takes”.

Branding and Marketing – I was given another opportunity to build a company from a small, scratch start up product to a 15 million dollar business that was sold for a multi-million dollar acquisition by two different corporations. The organization created a unique product that worked primarily with contractors selling to home owners, however, the company was limited by the seasonality of the contractors as well as the # of potential customers they were servicing. My task was to break into another industry. Goal was the following: 1. Understand the industry. 2. Creating a features and benefits that the industry understands (Solve the problem for both the industry as well as their customer) 3.  Present the solution in a way that captures their attention and then allows them to capture their customer’s attention. 4. Build the strength of the brand. Wow! That was a lot to do in a about 2 years, but we did it. We were able to build the company from 100k a year to a 15 million dollar company. We did this by building the brand into multiple industries and eventually securing accounts with major box stores. The company then sold the product for another profitable amount.

Affiliate Marketing and Branding – After the company was sold, I was again given another small company to work with. A company that no one thought would succeed. Even the owner had doubts saying “I don’t think you will be with us long, and I am not willing to promise you much.” It was the opportunity of a life time! SunFrog was doing about $10k a month in gross revenue. I started by looking at the unique differentiation that allowed us create space in a market place where there was nothing existing. I was able to combine the power of social media, networking and affiliate marketing to propel the company to a gross month revenue of $7 million within 1 year and 4 months.  The forecast for November and December was $15 million each month in gross revenue. It was a staggering increase which was a great learning experience marketing, production, and fulfillment. I set up the company to continue to grow and to increase as an organization, which has been successful up to this date.

Online sales, Social Media promotion, Network implementation and Brand building – in November of 2015 joined once again with a company that had an incredible message and solid product but limited online sales and only locally recognized brand. With the last year, the company went from 5 – 10 sales a day to this Nov and Dec sales at 150 – 200 sales a day. We have been working hard to build the brand and ultimately get the sales to increase. We have strategically managed to get the following completed within the last year: 1. Increase the online sales by 10x. 2. Increase the wholesale accounts from 25 to 100 buyers. 3. Secured multiple accounts that will build our brand, including product placement in MI movie productions, getting the product rated as one of the top 10 MI produced items, opening our own retail location, and requested presence as several festivals and retail locations. will be launching into multiple states throughout the US and increase our brand presence on a more national scale.

Some of the greatest lessons we learn is that when building an organization or business you do not have the talent to do all of the things you need to get completed on your own. Networking and Delegation is the key talent or character trait that must be developed as business leader/adventurist. The paths that the journey will take you are some of the most incredible adventures that you can take, giving you the intense joys of life and some of the deepest disappointments. Being an Entrepreneurial isn’t for everyone, there are Himalayan mountain tops and valley, not for the faint of heart. If you want to have the freedom and adventure of a life time, and you find you cannot settle for status quo, it might be time to take a look at how to begin your adventure. I can help you begin to take that first step.

Core Values


Growth through resistance

Properly place priorities

Respect in all our actions